Soccer is just running while kicking a ball…

This month, many of us watched the Soccer World Cup Championships in Brazil. Soccer is a great competition, but what sets it apart from other sports is those players sure do know how to run, and run fast. I know that soccer is a game of strategy and team work, but it is also a solitary sport of sorts when it comes to who can run the fastest with the ball or who can run fastest to steal the ball.

Here in Germany, things have been a bit crazy. The locals honk their horns every time Germany scores a goal. Germany vs. Brazil was a bit crazy. I thought there was too much enthusiasm over the game — silly me. Since we have not yet hooked up our TV we didn’t realize Germany scored 7 goals! Many locals broke out in song, literally walking the street and singing the German national anthem and other patriotic songs. It was like a Fasching event (Carnival Parade) with people wearing face paint, temporary tats and flags! Traffic had stopped in some parts of our downtown and police were directing the people and cars to safety.  I am sure it was the same as other countries rooting for their team. When Germany made the finals, things got crazier.  It was hard to sleep through the horns, singing and infectious yelling. For a moment,  I thought I was in America during game 7 of an NBA Championship game. LOL! I don’t hate on Germany for their enthusiasm but it would have been more exciting if the U.S. faced Argentina in the finals … just saying!

Prayer for the Runner:

Dear Lord, Today, help me to run my best race. Please help my legs to run swiftly and for them to carry me safely along my route. Help me to clear my mind of distractions, past hurt and  negative self-talk. Please help me to connect with you as I run. May I see the beauty that you created. While I have my eyes on my route, may my heart never take its focus off of you. I love you Father God. Thank you for the gift of running. Thank you for this day. Thank you for knitting me in my mother’s womb — for you say that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. I am grateful for my creation. I am grateful for the Creator. Thank you for all that you do. In Jesus’name. Amen.


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Richelle Clark is a writer by trade and a slow runner by choice. Despite her inability to break a 10-minute mile, she still likes to break a sweat running and walking. She even added some CrossFit to her routine. Richelle hopes that her blog and her other websites will encourage you to strengthen your relationship with God so that you are physically and spiritually fit. Check out her spiritual and physical training schedule at
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