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Hello ladies. I hope that all is well and that you are having a wonderful week. I do not know if you saw the recent news reports, but TV mogul and talk show host Oprah Winfrey released a list of her favorite things for the 2014 holiday season. Her list is famous because when she hosted a talk show, everyone from her studio audience would go home with the gifts on her fancy list, which would cost thousands of dollars. Oprah no longer hosts a talk show, but she still released a list of her favorite things this holiday season — the 72 items will set you back $13,407, according to media reports. Some of the items include: $400 sunglasses; $1,000 luggage; diamond stud earrings; $400 watch; $500 dog bed; $120 coffee mugs and $700 head phones.
I write about Oprah’s list of favorite things because to some people, receiving one of these gifts would be the best possible gift they could receive this holiday season. But I think it is important that we remember that the best gifts we can receive are free: including the love of God. There are other gifts that are free: hugs from a loved one; smiles from your grandchildren; an act of kindness; a walk with a friend; the word of God. I leave you ladies with a list of my favorite things:
1. God’s love for me;
2. Seeing my daughter smile and giggle;
3. Running on the beach, on a trail or in a park;
4. Walking and enjoying the sound of nature;
5. Studying something you are passionate about;
6. Entertaining friends or family at home;
7. Listening to music;
8. Talking with friends;
9. Reading a book;
10. Eating popcorn with my husband and daughter — with lots of REAL butter;
11. Eating my favorite meal of a salad, French fries, and chocolate cake! Yup. I am a serious about the fries.
Ladies, I encourage you to compile a list of your favorite things this week, so you can go back to it whenever you want to be reminded of important things or if you get caught up in material things instead of wonderful experiences. Have a wonderfully blessed week. Keep running for your life.

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Richelle Clark is a writer by trade and a slow runner by choice. Despite her inability to break a 10-minute mile, she still likes to break a sweat running and walking. She even added some CrossFit to her routine. Richelle hopes that her blog and her other websites will encourage you to strengthen your relationship with God so that you are physically and spiritually fit. Check out her spiritual and physical training schedule at www.runforyourlife.mobi.
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