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Richelle Clark is a writer by trade and a slow runner by choice. Despite her inability to break a 10-minute mile, she still likes to break a sweat running and walking. She even added some CrossFit to her routine. Richelle hopes that her blog and her other websites will encourage you to strengthen your relationship with God so that you are physically and spiritually fit. Check out her spiritual and physical training schedule at

Happy Father’s Day

Hello ladies, I hope that you are having a wonderful Father’s Day! As you run or walk today, why not invite your dad, brother, friend or husband along. Thank them for being great dads and or caregivers. Encourage them. Let them know that … Continue reading

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Sports Bras — Finding the perfect fit so that you can run with reckless abandon!

The perfect fit for runners OK, I usually don’t like to talk about underwear, but it is a necessary evil for those who run or partake in moderate to high impact exercise. It is also important because sometimes we can … Continue reading

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Walking with reckless abandon … in Madeira

Going on vacation doesn’t mean we take a break from exercise. Vacations are great opportunities to walk, run or hike. It doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be a fun experience to help us get to know our vacation … Continue reading

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On Beauty

Before I sit down to write, I like to read something interesting, something that can lift me away from whatever negative thoughts or issues bothering me. And then, feeling inspired, I write. But when it comes to taking in the … Continue reading

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On Making Mistakes

When I was young — in my 20s young — and young in my faith, I made many mistakes. I was sometimes so rigid in my beliefs that I thought everything was sin. I sometimes feared that God would cut me off … Continue reading

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The Doll House

I still remember the year I wanted a doll house for Christmas. I was 7 or 8 when “Santa” bought me a Tuesday Taylor Penthouse. I marveled at the box and couldn’t wait to set it up. It was a … Continue reading

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Running for your life!

A while back I ran the Portugal Half Marathon. It wasn’t pretty or fast, but I finished. At the start of the race, all of the participants sped down the Vasco De Gama Bridge in Lisbon. I ran to the … Continue reading

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