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rtcHi, I am Dr. Richelle Larice Clark. I am a wife, mother and runner. This website began January 2012 as a companion to the Spiritual Marathon and my book, Running for Your Life! A devotional for women who run slow, walk fast or jog with reckless abandon. The goal is to help you get into spiritual shape, as well as improve your physical fitness level.

Walking and running are more than exercises. I believe it can help you connect with God or strengthens your relationship with him. This blog’s goal is to inspire women who want to run the race with God — and become better wives, mothers, workers and to better share our gifts with others.

From time to time I will post inspiring stories or spiritual messages that I hope will help you along this journey of life. I will also call on you to share your own stories of how you worked through past pain and issues or embraced victory.

I also encourage you all to send in training tips that were successful in running races, marathons or just staying in shape. I am also interested in starting a section that helps us to balance our spiritual, family, work and fitness lives.

Please check the Spiritual Marathon training schedule at www.runforyourlife.mobi. I will add more training schedules throughout they year as well as ways you can chart your progress. I am also looking for volunteers to try out training schedules before we post them for our general audience.

You can reach me via email at richellelclark01@gmail.com or feel free to post a message on this site. Happy running!

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