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About Richelle

About Richelle

Dr. Richelle Larice Clark’s love of words led her to a career in journalism and teaching. For more than a decade the West Philadelphia native worked as a journalist and university professor in the United States and Europe. She taught journalism at the prestigious Missouri School of Journalism and taught political science at Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany (part-time adjunct). Richelle worked as a reporter for American newspapers in Georgia, Philadelphia and Tennessee. She also worked as a reporter/photographer for the Stars and Stripes newspaper in Germany, where she deployed with U.S. troops to cover international peacekeeping missions. Richelle has a doctorate in History, Studies of Security and Defense from ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon, Portugal, a Master’s Degree in International Relations from St. Mary’s University in Texas and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia.


Richelle is a creative who loves to write, research, paint, craft and run. She is the author of Running for your life! A devotional for women who run slow, walk fast or jog with reckless abandon. She discovered her love of running while living in Europe. She has run half marathons in Germany and Portugal. Writing and running are two ways she shares her Christian faith and connects with others. She is a slow runner who doesn’t expect to break any running records, but encourages others take up running so that it can help break strongholds in their life — especially those that whisper that it is not possible to follow your dreams. 

As a child, Richelle dreamed of visiting Paris so she could retrace the steps of inspiring African American artists, writers and entertainers, like Josephine Baker and Richard Wright. She mistakenly thought the golden era of art and culture had died shortly after World War II. But art and culture continue to thrive everywhere — if you look for it. 

Journalism took Richelle to Paris and many other places around the globe: the ornate, yet simple Tavna Monastery in Bosnia and Herzegovina, war-torn villages in Kosovo,  U.S. military security patrols in the Albanian countryside,  to tasting beer in the Czech Republic. World events and the beauty and simplicity or life and art encouraged her to want to learn more and amplified her curiosity about researching the effects of world political events and conflict resolution strategies.

When she is not running or writing, you can find Richelle painting up a storm in her SheShed.