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In this space, I will occasionally post stories of faith, inspiration, running, art and of love. I ask you to join me on this journey exploring human nature, our faith walk and our love of things sacred and kind.

As we head into Easter, I hope everyone is enjoying the changing of the season and finding wonderful things to do in nature. I am excited because I am preparing my garden to receive new plants, flowers and vegetables! I am switching out garden beds and making my back garden area a place for plants and flowers. Our larger side garden will host all of the good eats — veggies, fruits and fruit trees!

I got hooked on gardening as a teenager – after watching lots of PBS shows on gardens. And I loved that I could spend a short time in the yard, and yield lots of fresh veggies to eat or flowers for my table. I loved looking at the colours of nature in my yard and getting my hands a little dirty. My garden is my happy place. I am not worried about bugs, birds or gophers stealing my carrots. I’m just focused on the work at hand, of helping nature grow.

When I am working in the garden, painting or going for a long walks along the Ericeira coast, I feel such joy. I enjoy feeling the sun on my face and the moist air filling my nostrils. I feel a sense of peace at the beach, in the garden and in my SheShed. I feel calm and I see the love of God in what he has created for us to enjoy. But you don’t have to go to the beach or your shed to see or feel this — it can be found in a walk around your neighborhood, planting a flower in the front yard or sipping your morning coffee on the porch as the sun rises. There are so many ways to connect with nature and God.

This week, I challenge you to get out into the yard (borrow one from a friend if you have to); don’t just cut the grass or pull weeds, but to explore the landscape, see what kinds of birds sing in your trees and see if it’s time to prune those bushes or replace them. Look at the sky and cloud formations. Smell the air and detect the humidity around you. Take it all in like a picture, take long breathes, smile at the beauty around you and enjoy being in that moment of peace and presence. Then take a moment to thank God for it.

I hope you have a groovy week.

Be blessed and know that you are loved by the Most High!